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A Penny Parcel - $16.00
Winepress Publishing. Softcover. 480 pages

"That Girl has a painful memory connected to every normal life activity and every holiday on the calendar."

In the year 1910, Luke Tanner, and upstanding social icon in the quiet but politically powerful town of Galesburg, Vermont, adopts Ashley, an abused orphan girl. Because the cost of processing the paperwork is a single cent, orphans like Ashley are called "penny parcels," seen by society as only worth that much. But Ashley doesn't want a daddy. She would prefer to remain in the security of the orphanage, where her past can remain secret. Luke's wife, Grace, and their son, Wesley, try to love Ashley and help her break through the emotional walls around her bruised and broken heart. But her inability to live up to Luke Tanner's standard of performance, as well as her tainted perception of family dynamics, isolate Ashley from those who care about her the most. Fighting his own misconception of truth, Luke begins to believe that Ashley's adoption has a much higher price than he is willing to pay. With both of them waging war on their own personal battlefields, Luke and Ashley collide. Their conflicts initiate a sovereign tragedy.

The Stevenson Series

When thirteen-year-old Leah Stevenson struggles to be thankful in the year 1830, her father teaches her a lesson that she will never forget. With drought oppressing her parents and eight siblings, financial shortage, her mother progressing in pregnancy, and difficult work in the fields of central Missouri, Leah fights to overcome her strong will. She often complains because lack of money means a lack of earthly things. The work is hard and the rest is short for the entire Stevenson family, but it often seems that Leah is the only one who notices. With a calm mother to settle her and a father who is strong enough to conquer her, the girl slowly puts aside her childish burdens.

A sudden tragedy changes the course of the Stevensonís life forever. Itís too late to regret, but not too late to be thankful. Now, even Papa has to force himself to write an entry in the cherished Thankful Book, and Leah finally realizes that, even in genuine poverty, there is something to be thankful for.


Be Ye Thankful - $10.00
Book One in the Stevenson Series
Morris Publishing. Softcover. 188 pages.

Be Ye Thankful  is based on the scripture in Colossians 3:15, which states: ďAnd let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be ye thankful.Ē Full of drama and real-life situations, this book is sure to motivate children and adults of every age to realize the importance of thankfulness and a selfless life in Christ.


Journey to the Cross - $12.00
Book Two in the Stevenson Series
Morris Publishing. Softcover. 331 pages

Journey to the Cross is the sequel to Be Ye Thankful, and brings to a close the heartwarming story of Leah Stevenson and her family. Struggling with hard circumstances, which the Lord has allowed into their lives, every family member longs to be whole again.  Each must make their own decision to turn from the past and look to the future, though this difficult choice is sometimes heart wrenching, and occurs only when the individuals find peace in the will of God, and learn to trust Him with all they hold dear.

Life in 1833 is rugged, and when a serious accident confines Leah to bed, the Stevenson family is devastated, individually seeking their own paths for strength. But the real injury lies in seventeen-year-old Leahís soul, and her ailing body reflects only a portion of her torment. The family strives to lift their loved oneís spirit, but nothing brings cheer until this young woman completes her own journey to the cross.

     Join seventeen-year-old author Avery E. Hitch on another immersing venture into the Stevensonís home life, and discover the real truth about Christís love, hope, and healing, and the continual sanctification that is a vital part of a Christian home.

Readers of all ages who have enjoyed the authorís first book, Be Ye Thankful, will be delighted with this easy-to-read fiction, which is deeply meaningful, spiritually challenging, and sure to become a treasured part of every family library.


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