Avery E. Hitch ministers nationwide in the gospel music group Simple Grace. Avery was home schooled and began writing short stories and poems in grade school. She developed a passion for her characters and stories that led her to completing and publishing her
first full-length fiction manuscript,


Be Ye Thankful, when she was fifteen. Followed shortly by the sequel, Journey to the Cross¸ this series became nationally read as it was sold from coast-to-coast. Almost immediately after Journey to the Cross was released, Avery began formulating and writing the story of an orphan named Ashley in the book A Penny Parcel. God allowed Avery to write A Penny Parcel through her personal experience, her passion for truth, and her own walk to freedom.

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Avery's new and long awaited book, A Penny Parcel, is now ready to order!


Awhile ago I wrote a couple of poems and I decided to post them on my website! I thought it might be interesting for you to see a different side of my writing besides fiction—so go ahead, check them out!
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